Community Helpers Project

The Community Helpers unit is an exciting collaboration between first-grade families and school. The goal of this unit is to acquaint students with workers in the community, and how their efforts make our community a good place to live and play.

In class, each student chooses a job in class that they think is interesting.  With help from parents, students each interview an adult who does that job for a living. 

Next, students and their families construct a model business for the chosen profession. For instance, a student who chooses to learn about a dentist would make a model of a dental office.  Teachers provide each student with a 12" x 12" piece of chipboard for the construction base.

Finally, students decorate a paper doll to look like someone of the chosen profession. 

Examples of model businesses are shown below. Please note that not all of these professions may be available this year.  Also, notice that these models are not expensive to build; many use toys and other objects found around the house.  


restaurant owner


computer technician






And here are some examples of the paper dolls, decorated to look like the chosen Community Helper:


package delivery person



While students are building model businesses, conducting interviews, and decorating paper dolls at home, they are creating paper-bag model houses at school. For display at Open House, the businesses and houses are arranged into a model community.  Here are a few examples of houses