Birthday Treats

"Can I bring in cupcakes?"

Mark West Union School District, like school districts across the country, has instituted a Wellness Policy designed to promote student health.  This policy limits the amount of high-sugar and high-fat foods that may be served in school.  

In keeping with the Wellness Policy, and in the interest of keeping students healthy and energetic during the school day, here is my birthday policy:

If you would like to bring in a treat for your child’s birthday, you have three choices:
  1. Bring in a non-food item for each child – stickers, a coloring book, fancy pencils and erasers, mini-notepads… use your imagination!  I will pass these out in the morning, so that kids can appreciate your child all day!
  2. Make or purchase a healthy snack for each child: lowfat mini-muffins, fruit kabobs (these are so popular!), cinnamon tortillas with fruit salsa, mini-bagels with lowfat cream cheese, or your own idea.  I will pass these treats out at the last recess of the day.
  3. Bring in cupcakes.  I know that this tradition is really hard to give up for many parents.  If you do choose this option, I will pass out the cupcakes as children are leaving school, so that we can avoid sugar spikes during learning time.

Please choose just ONE option for your child, and let me know ahead of time.  If you don’t give me advance notice, I cannot promise that we will have time to distribute your child’s goodie.

If your child has a summer birthday, I’d be delighted to celebrate him or her on the half-birthday.  Just remind me when the date is coming up. you for your help!   

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