Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Me and My Family

Here are the books that we read to help us understand ourselves and our families.  Each book is followed by a writing prompt:

Tell about a family member who likes to cook a special dish. Does your family ever share food with neighbors or relatives or friends?

Tell about your name and where it came from. How do you feel about your name?

Tell about what you do with your hair before you go to bed. If you had a bedtime bonnet, how would it be decorated?
Tell about a time when you wanted your hair to look extra special. Who helped you, where were you going, and were you happy with how your hair turned out? 

Tell about something that scares you. Or maybe something that used to scare you. Did you find a way to be brave?
Which parts of you do you like? Which parts are you not too sure of? Do you have a family member or friend who reminds you that you're lovable?

Tell about a time that you wore something, and someone made fun of you. Is there some clothing that you want to wear, but you're afraid someone will laugh?
Have you ever tried to do something that just felt too hard? Did anyone help you? Did you keep trying, or change your idea, or give up? Do you have a big idea that you want to try?

Tell about a time when you felt left out, and what you did about it. Or tell about a time that your friend felt left out. What happened? Did they find a way to feel included?

Write a letter to someone who can't read yet.  Replace some of your words with pictures so the recipient can understand your letter better.  

Tell about your hair.  What do you like or not like about it?  Do other people ever talk about your hair?  If you could choose your hair, what would it look like?  

Do you know someone who speaks another language?  (If not, you'll have to imagine that you do.)  What tricks do you use to understand each other?  What is the hardest thing about speaking two different languages?  What is the best thing?  Do you speak two languages?  Which language is easier for you to communicate in?  

Tell about your grandparents.  What do you like to do when you are together?  Are there other people around when you spend time together?  What is your favorite thing about your grandparents?  Are you closer to one grandparent than another?  Do you have any special activities that you do with your grandparents?  Do all your grandparents know each other?

Write about your name.  Where did it come from?  Does it mean something?  Do you have any nicknames?  Do people ever say your name wrong, or spell it wrong?  If you had the chance to pick your name, what would it be?
Imagine that you have only one book to read.  What is the most interesting book you can think of, one that you would like to read over and over again?  What would you do to make reading interesting?  Would you write another book?  Would you and a friend work together on a book?  Would you ask someone to make a book for you?  Would you ask all of your friends to write books, too, so that you could share them?

 Have the adults in your family ever saved for something?  How did you help?  How long did it take and what did your family buy?  If you've never helped someone else save money, what have you saved for on your own?

What kinds of food do you eat with your family?  Is there a special meal that you like?  Can you describe how to make this meal?