Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What Did You Learn in Engineering Lab?

Today we learned that the air pockets in bubble wrap are good insulators. We then designed our own warmers out of my very large bubble-wrap collection. Kids chose which body part they wanted to warm up: legs, arms, feet, hands, chest, or back.  Here's what they learned during the activity, in their own words: 

I learned that...

Bubble wrap can make people warmer.

Bubble wrap feels weird in your shoes.

It wasn't easy to make a bubble-wrap warmer.

It's hard to put tape on bubble wrap.

I learned to build something with bubble wrap.

It feels super weird when you put bubble wrap on your feet.

It feels weird to slide bubble wrap on your arm.

Working together makes the project easier.

It was easy to do this project.

Having a partner helping you speeds everything up.

It was hard getting my leg out of the bubble wrap because my leg needs to bend.