Thursday, November 12, 2015

Families and Thanksgiving

My class has been learning and talking about our Thanksgiving traditions - what's on our dinner table, who's at our dinner table, and how Thanksgiving came to be in the first place.  This is the perfect time to talk about families... what makes a family, who we consider family, and activities that we enjoy doing with our families.

Here are some books I love about families (much more to come):

I taught my kids how to draw family portraits, inspired by a lesson that I found on Our Art Lately. The results are lovely!

After drawing a portrait of my own family, I went around to each student and asked them how many people live in their house.  In the process, I learned all kinds of new information!  I drew that many circles on their paper, in the skin tones that they specified.  A number of kids requested different skin tones for different family members, even in families of only one race or ethnicity.  I am fascinated by young children's racial and ethnic perceptions, and how they see themselves and each other.  And, I LOVE the expressions on these portraits!